About Us



Our Purpose

To provide resources and support for women of color who are mothers, mothers to be, or women considering motherhood.

Our Goal

To address and decrease the mental health and social issues amongst women of color as it relates to motherhood.

To make it easier for women of color who are mothers, mothers to be, or considering motherhood to access mental health and community resources.

Meet the Owner

Tahlisha Dorsey, MSW LISW

Founder & CEO

Thank you so much for visiting the Motherhood & Mental Health Website. My name is Tahlisha Dorsey and I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I created Motherhood & Mental Health to bring awareness to maternal mental health and its disparities of care and services for women of color.  It is my hope that Motherhood and Mental Health can serve as a resource to you and your family. This is also a safe space for women to connect, share stories and support one another. 

Next Steps…

Join the community and share your story with other mothers, it’s always better to heal together!

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